We are based on collective work
and shared knowledge.



Ar. S.K. Goel

Ar. S.K. Goel graduated from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi in the year 1984 and has since been serving architectural profession with utmost integrity and sincerity. His approach is to interpret the project’s complexity and challenges as a positive creative force in the creation of spaces. Innovation in building construction detailing is his forte’. His flair for evolving unique design solutions best suited for individualistic requirements of clients is rooted in his scientific outlook which results in pragmatic than purely artistic solutions. He came to design by way of science. His penchant for graphical problem solving results from his love for the subjects of Geometry and Engineering Drawing. His innate ability to be more right or wrong but not entirely either, helps him accommodate various point of views and eases the process of concluding design discussions.

He has been instrumental in setting up a work environment which fosters teamwork and encourages ideas to emerge from all, regardless of seniority, title or background. He considers the construction team committed to projects just as valuable as the in-house design professionals for their exceptional capabilities to comprehend and execute his experimental, untested yet worked out design solutions.



Conarch is a Delhi based architectural design firm founded in 1988 by Ar. S.K. Goel. With his associates, as recent architectural graduates at an architectural firm in Delhi, he decided to establish Conarch. With like-minded vision,  complimentary skill-set, mutual respect and admiration, a foundation of the firm’s identity was laid. What this entrepreneurial collaboration lacked in financial backing was more than made up for in unbridled energy, passion for the discipline and the will to labor continuously without frills, all the while upholding the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity.

From a venture of two people in a swim or sink situation to a firm employing 20 odd employees, the principals along with the establishment have come a long way. Conarch Architects remain a small practice by intention as principals prefer to direct and drive each project personally working together with clients so that every project turns out to be the best version of itself.

We seek to design spaces that consistently express the needs, aspiration and identity of the occupants. The firm’s portfolio reflects the abiding desire in enriching human experience, thriving on our obsession of continuously improving upon the design solutions, bettering our previous best. Conarch Architects embrace the myriad desires of client and project considerations to craft solutions unique to the given parameters by considering each project as a design opportunity than a design problem. We ‘own’ our projects from the day of the inception of its idea to the day it is occupied. As designers, we don’t think of architecture as separate from interiors and our approach towards space creation blurs the distinction and blends the two.

Within the firm, a simple, non-hierarchical spread out structure exists. We operate in a common studio where project teams approach the task at hand in a highly collaborative environment. The roll-up-your- sleeves attitude of the principals sets the ethos of the team with a hands-on, energetic and adaptive outlook.